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After Graduation MBA or MCA which is best

MBA and MCA are the only such degrees which you can make a good career after doing. There are many similarities between these two, so both are different from each other in many ways. Before we do not tinkle with each other, we need to know briefly about both of them. So let's know what these two courses are.
What is MBA?

MBA i.e. Master of Business Administration is a Master's degree program which is done in case field such as Human Resources, Marketing, Banking, Information Technology etc. It is of 2 years in which there are a total of 4 semesters, for admission to MBA from reputed colleges of the country, you get admission through various entrance entrance examinations conducted by various institutes, then you have a right to entry directly.

What is MCA?

MCA i.e. Master of Computer Application. This is a course that can be done after graduation. The duration of this course is 3 years and there are a total of 6 semesters. During this course, you get to read every information related to computer engineering which is usually taught by students in BE. An MCA degree is equivalent to BE Computer Science or IT.

In order to take admission in the MCA like MBA, you also have to take the entrance test through which you get the college. If you do an MCA from a reputable college / university, you get a lot of benefit as if you can get a direct placement. You can choose one of the options available through specialization in the last year of the MCA, such as web development, software designing, networking etc.

What are the differences between MBA and MCA?

After reading the above 2 paragraphs, you have already learned about both courses, now we talk about what the difference between the two courses is.



• MBA is a 2 year course.
• MBA can be done after any
After doing MBA, jobs can be found in
various positions such as Manager,
Assistant etc. in any company.
• If discussing the course fees, it is not
appropriate to say anything because
there are many institutions in the
country where MBA is done, whose fees
can be 10 thousand rupees per semester, even 1 lakh anywhere.
• After the MBA, your starting salary can start from 1.8K, but it depends on which college or university you have done the related course.

• MCA is a 3 year course.
• MCA can also be done after any graduation, but it is mandatory to have Physics, Chemistry, Math in 12th.
• After the MCA, any IT company can get job of software developer, web developer, graphics designer, computer / web programmer.
• MCA fees like MBA are also not fixed. However, due to this 3-year program, its fees may be slightly higher than that of MBA.
• If you get jobs by college placement after MCA, you get a good package but if you do not get job during the placement you may have to struggle a bit. In this, your initial salary can start from 1.5K, which greatly increases on the basis of experience of some time.

Who should do MBA?

MBAs are courses related to business and management that can be done by people who are interested in topics like business, marketing, planning etc. While doing this course, you can start your own business by learning the business tricks and proportional management, or earn money by working on a good post.

Who should do MCA?

Because MCA is a course related to computer, software, engineering, etc., people who are interested in these subjects or who want to make their career in IT field. As mentioned above, the MCA degree is equivalent to BE, which means that for some reason the engineering could not get done through the MCA, they can get good salaries by getting the engineer equivalent work.

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