Tuesday, March 5, 2019

MBA Syllabus for Semester I (MANAGEMENT CONCEPTS)

MBA Syllabus for Semester I (first)


Reason for studying Management Concepts: The main reason for this subject is to develop a basic understanding about the management concepts as well as of human in various managerial processes in organisation among the students.

Management: Definition, nature, process, functions & skills . Evolution of management thoughts - F.W. Taylor, Henri Fayol, Max Weber , Elton Mayo .
Management Approaches- System approach, Contingency approach .
Business Organisation - Types of ownership.

Planning: Concept and purpose , Planning Process , Management by Objectives(MBO), Decision Making . Organisation : Concept and purpose of organisation , Types of organisation , Line, Line & Staff, Matrix , Virtual Organisation structures . Basis of Departmentation , Concept of Authority, Functional Authority, Delegation of Authority , Centralisation and Decentralisation of Authority. Coordination . Staffing .

Directing: Leadership - Concept , Traits, Styles . Communication : Concept, Types , process, barriers, making Communication effective .
Controlling: Concept, process, Requirement for Adequate control , Budgetory Control , Non-Budgetory Control .

Business Process Re-engineering - Concept , Process, Redesign, BPR experiences in Indian Industry .
Total Quality Management(TQM) - Concept , Systems model of Quality, Deming's approach, TQM as a business Strategy .
Knowledge Management (KM)- What , why, how, of Knowledge Management , KM process , approach, strategies, tools.
E-commerce- Ideology, methodology, classification by application /nature of transactions , Driving Forces of EC, Impact of EC, Scope .

Functional area of Management - Concept, objectives, scope and principle of Marketing Management, Production Management, HRM , Finance, Material management

Books Suggested:
1. Stoner, Freeman , Gilbert Jr. : Management (Pearson education)
2. Kootz,O'Donnell , Weighrich : Essentials of Management
3. Michael , J. Stahl : Management -Total Quality in a global environment ( Blackwell Business)
4. Newman , Warren and Summer : The Process of Management , Concept, Behaviour & Practice .
5. Brech , E.F.L. : Principles and Practice of Management
6. Drucker , P.F. : Managements , Tasks , Responsibilities , Practices
7. Asha Kaul : Effective Business Communication (PHI)
8. RonLudlow, Fergus Panton : The Essence of Effective Communication(PHI)
9. Efrain , jae, david , H. Micheal : Electronic Commerce : A Managerial Perspective (Pearson Education)
10. Carr D.K. and Johansson H.J. - Best Practices in Re-engineering (MGH)

11. Jayaraman M.S.: Business Process Re-engineering (TMG) 

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