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A training need analysis or training need assessment is a methodical process of knowing that there is a need of training exists or not among the employee and if the need of training exists, which type of training is needed to reduced the gap between standard performance & actual performance of the employee in an organization. The main purpose of Training Needs Assessment is to recognize the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities of the employee required in organizations to meet its standard performance. 

Training needs analysis conducted due to following reasons: -
  1. By applying Training need analysis, it is very easy to identify the deficiencies.
  2. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA) of the employees are very important for the growth of an organization. Training need analysis helps to known whether the employees lack Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities or not.
  3. It helps to ensure that whether the training is provided to the right employee or not.
  4. With the help of training need analysis, it is easy to determine which type of training is required to the employees.

Training needs analysis is required in three levels:
ORGANIZATIONAL LEVEL ANALYSIS - This analysis determines what resources are required by the organization and how they are allocated so that maximum output achieved. Which types of attitudes are necessary for the growth?

OPERATIONAL LEVEL ANALYSIS – This analysis determines the knowledge, skills and abilities required for standard performance. It also determines the working method to fill the gap between standard and actual performance.

INDIVIDUAL LEVEL ANALYSIS – This analysis determines whether an employees need training or not. It also helps to know that an employee is capable of doing a job in good manner or not. 

Techniques for Training Needs Analysis
Observation of Employee’s Performance
By observing the performance of employee, it is very easy to evaluate that they need training nor not. It is also very easy to know the strengths and deficiencies of the employee which helps in design training need analysis.

Personal Interviews with the employees
It is very important to take interviews because it helps to know the thinking of the employees. What they think about their performance is clear from interview. It also helps to build personal relation with employee which is also very beneficial for the performance.

Questionnaires for employees
The questionnaire is also very important because it gives an ideas that what a large number of employee thinks. It is also very simple and easiest technique. Employees have to give the answer of some question asked by the management.

Job Analysis
Job analysis is very much important for the training need analysis. To study the all requirements and responsibilities of the job is very necessary.  

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