Sunday, February 24, 2019


It is obvious that in organizations, Employee interact with each other during work, officially and formally as well as informally and socially. Relationships develop among the employees during this course of interaction. These relationships are love, respect, hate, anxiety, fear, etc. These relationships are continuing for long time as the employee has to spent lot of time with them. Sometimes employee helps each other and sometime tries to make their colleague insult. 
A relationship involves feelings for each other. This feelings may be positive (friendly, wanting to be close) or negative (unfriendly, wanting to be distant). Positive feelings mean want to friendly with each other or want to help each other. Negative feeling mean hated each other or dislike each other. Relationships cannot exist without interactions. In relationship, no neutral point exists. We can’t say that Indifference is neutral because it tends to negativity.
Relationships depend upon the behaviours employee at their work. If the relationships are friendly and helping with each other, work can be done very smoothly leading to the fulfilling of organizational goal. Good attitudes and high motivation are the results of these relationships. Working with a team can only be possible when the positive relationships build between the employees. 
One of the most important things in Employee Relations that it ensure  that Employees are happy and help each other which resulted in high productivity.  Many problems and dispute can be solving by the assistance of Employee Relations. Employee Relations helps the management and employee to maintain a good friendly environment in the work place to satisfy their needs. High employee morale, building organizational culture, taking opportunity is possible with employee relations.
The organization must ensure that what type of workplace is required for their work. The employee must feel that they become treated very well in this organization so that they work with high morale and try to give their best.
One of the essential factors of making strong employee relation is to calculate the person, monetary & other resources available that strengthen the principle of the company. Organizations must know what type of employee (Managers, supervisiors and workers) are needed for carrying out the project in best way. The management must look that employee who hamper the productivity and disturb the working culture.
It is the responsibility of the management to escapes its employee from being frustrated. If the employee feels that they free treated unfairly they become frustrated. Application of good management tools in the organization helps the management to avoid confrontation.

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