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Advantages of Maintaining good Employee Relation

Advantages of Maintaining good Employee Relation
Many study proved that a more engaged employee is also a more profitable and more productive employee. A satisfied employee can focus on organizational growth and cooperate with their colleagues. On the other hand, unsatisfied employee hampers the production of the organization and making the working environment not suitable for working.  So maintaining good employee relation is very much important for the development and growth of the organizations. Following are the advantages of maintaining good relations with the employees: -
Less Absenteeism: - Generally employee absent from duties due to illness. Stress is also one of the reasons for absenteeism.  When the relations of employee with manager or supervisior are not good then stress occurs.  To reduce the absenteeism in the organization, it is very necessary to maintain good relation with the employees. Good relations build confidence among the employees and they become satisfied with the management which bring high turnover.                                    
High Morale and Motivation: - Motivation of the employee lies between the money and accuracy. Reward and praise are very important for motivating a employee. Morale of the employee can be high by providing them a good working environment which is possible by maintaining good employee relation.  Employee with high morale and motivation is very useful for the growth of an organization.
Harmony in the Organization: - Good employee relation increases the job satisfaction. If an employee is satisfied then the workflow is very smooth. There is an environment of cooperation among the employee and less dispute and arguments. Employee shares their knowledge and experience with each other and harmony is maintained.
Attract Good Talent: - By maintaining good relations with the employees, the management knows which employee is mot qualified and suitable for a particular job. Providing right job to right people is very important for the success of any organization.
Less cost on training: - organizations which maintain good employee relation have to spend less on training and retention.  A satisfied employee doesn’t leave the job frequently as such there is no need of new employee which reduce the cost of training.  
Increase in Production: - if an employee is satisfied, he will work in full flow and take fewer breaks. He is committed with the production. A happy and satisfied worker improved his performance which led to the increase in production.

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